Inherits from MovementBehavior<T>


public sealed class PlatformMovement : MovementBehavior<PlatformMovementSettings>


Moves a character with the movement of a platform.


platformThe platform the character is currently grounded on.
platformRotationThe rotation of the platform during the last frame. This is used to calculated the change in rotation.
groundedLocalPositionThe position of the character in local space relative to the platform they are grounded on.
groundedPositionThe position of the character in world space relative to the platform they are grounded on.


OnPostUpdateChecks for any state changes after the process is handled.


settingsThe settings for the behavior.
enabledEnables or disables the behavior from being updated.
controllerThe movement controller handling the process.
registeredWhether the process has been registered to a controller.
orderDetermines the order in which processes are handled. The process with the lowest order value is handled first.
idThe unique identifier of the movement process.