public sealed class MovementController : MonoBehaviour


Controls all movement-related actions and abilities of a character.


characterThe character being controlled by the movement controller.
characterPositionThe current position of the character (Read only).
characterRotationThe current rotation of the character (Read only).
characterEulerAnglesThe current euler angles of the character (Read only).
characterForwardThe current forward axis of the character (Read only).
profileThe instanced movement settings profile used by the controller.
sharedProfileThe shared movement settings profile used by the controller.
stateThe current movement state of the character.
processesThe movement process manager for the controller.
inputThe movement input manager for the controller.
movementHandlerThe active movement style handler of the character.
movementStyleThe type of movement style that determines how the character moves and rotates relative to the look transform.
cameraThe camera the character moves relative to. Camera.main will be used if not set.
animatorThe animator component attached to the character.
staminaThe character's stamina resource (Read only).
usesStaminaWhether the character uses stamina (Read only).


SetMovementProfileApplies the movement settings profile to the controller.
SetMovementStyleSets the movement style for the controller to use.
SetMovementHandlerSets the movement handler for the controller to use.
GetProcess<T>Returns the movement process of the specified type.