public abstract class MovementAbilitySettings<T> : MovementAbilitySettings where T : MovementProcess, new()


The base class for movement ability settings of a specified type.

Type Parameters

TThe type of ability associated with the settings.


preconditionsThe conditions that must be met before the ability can be activated.
preventingConditionsThe conditions that prevent the ability from being activated.
deactivatingConditionsThe conditions that deactivate the ability when active.
staminaCostThe stamina cost of the ability.
cooldownModeThe cooldown mode to use for the ability.
cooldownDurationThe amount of seconds before the ability can be activated again.
inputButtonThe input button for the control.
activeWhether the settings are active on a movement profile. Inactive settings will not display in the editor.
enabledTurns on or off the settings behavior. Enabled behaviors are updated every frame.
isActiveAndEnabledWhether the settings are active and enabled.