Inherits from MovementBehavior<T>


public sealed class FallHeight : MovementBehavior<FallHeightSettings>


Handles fall recovery and damage after the character lands from high heights.


damagedThe event invoked when the character takes fall damage.
heightThe height of the character's last fall.
damageThe amount of damage the character took from the last fall.
elevationThe elevation of the character while on the ground.
recoveryTimeRemainingThe amount of seconds left before the character finishes recovering from the fall.
recoveryDurationThe amount of seconds the current fall recovery will last.
recoveryPercentThe completion percentage of the current fall recovery.
recoveringWhether the character is currently recovering from a fall.


settingsThe settings for the behavior.
enabledEnables or disables the behavior from being updated.
controllerThe movement controller handling the process.
registeredWhether the process has been registered to a controller.
orderDetermines the order in which processes are handled. The process with the lowest order value is handled first.
idThe unique identifier of the movement process.