Inherits from IKLookBehavior


public sealed class IKLookAtTarget : IKLookBehavior


Handles setting the IK position to look at nearby target objects.


targetThe current target being looked at.
targetOverrideOverride the target to look at.
targetLayersThe layers to scan for targets.
obstacleLayersThe layers to scan for obstacles to determine if a target is obstructed.
lookAtPositionThe point the character is looking at.
weightThe weight of the look at position (0=none, 1=full).
maxLookAngleThe maximum angle the character can turn their head to look at a target.
maxDistanceThe maximum distance away the character will look at a target.
maxHeightDifferenceThe maximum elevation difference the character will look at a target.
weightDampingHow quickly the look at weight changes. Smaller values change the weight more quickly.
positionDampingHow quickly the look at position changes. Smaller values change the position more quickly.


UpdateIKUpdates the IK solution.


headThe transform of the head bone.
animatorThe animator component the IK solution is applied to.