Inherits from IKBehavior


public sealed class IKFootSolver : IKBehavior


Handles setting the IK foot position and rotation of a character as they move around uneven surfaces.


groundLayersThe layers that are detected by raycasts. Raycasts are used to determine the distance of each foot to the ground.
footHeightThe distance from the resting position of the foot to the ground (depends on the model).
maxStepHeightThe maximum distance the character can reach a surface.
maxGroundDistanceThe maximum distance to detect the ground.
positionWeightMultiplierMultiplies the foot position weight of the IK solution.
rotationWeightMultiplierMultiplies the foot rotation weight of the IK solution.
dampingHow quickly the animator body position changes. Smaller values change the position more quickly.
debugTurns on/off debug gizmos.
bodyPositionOffsetThe current offset of the animator body position.


UpdateIKUpdates the IK solution.


animatorThe animator component the IK solution is applied to.