The Color Pro package includes basic arithmetic functions for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing colors with one another. These functions are available as extension methods in the static class Arithmetic.

➕ Addition

Color result = color.Adding(otherColor);
color.Add(otherColor); // change existing color

➖ Subtraction

Color result = color.Subtracting(otherColor);
color.Subtract(otherColor); // change existing color

✖️ Multiplication

Color result = color.MultipliedBy(otherColor);
color.Multiply(otherColor); // change existing color

Color result = color.MultipliedBy(2f);
color.Multiply(2f); // change existing color

➗ Division

Color result = color.DividedBy(otherColor);
color.Divide(otherColor); // change existing color

Color result = color.DividedBy(2f);
color.Divide(2f); // change existing color