Color Pro

Color Pro is a robust utility library for working with colors in Unity projects. The package includes hundreds of functions to support the use of color, including color mixing, conversion, accessibility, harmonies, colorimetry, and much more.

The package also includes 20+ custom editor tools for working with color. These tools are designed for all members of the team including artists, designers, and programmers.


  • Inspect and modify color components and values
  • Generate color palettes and materials using different algorithms
  • Convert to and from 20+ supported color models
  • Simulate color blind vision types + post processing profiles
  • Test colors for contrast and accessibility compliance
  • Create color tints, shades and tones
  • Easily lighten, darken, saturate, and desaturate colors
  • Improved methods for creating gradients
  • Mix and average colors together
  • Perform RGB channel mixing
  • Calculate luminance values and CCT temperature
  • Test for color equality with more accuracy
  • Perform arithmetic operations
  • And much more!

🧰 Editor Toolkit

Access the Color Pro editor toolkit from the Unity Editor menus Tools > Color Pro. Once the window has opened, select a tool from the dropdown to get started. Each tool allows you to test various color properties and functions provided in the library.

📥 Namespace

Import the package namespace in each script or file you want to use it. You may need to regenerate project files/assemblies first.

using Zigurous.ColorPro;

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