Shoulder Lean

The Shoulder Lean module handles tilting the camera to the left or right to lean around corners. This is often used for first-person shooting games.

💁 Settings

The following settings are available to customize:

  • Style: The shoulder lean style to use.

    • Continuous: The lean is continuous while the input is held down.
    • Toggled: The lean is toggled on and off with each input press.
    • Incremented: The lean is snapped to the nearest increment with each input press.
  • Input Left: The input button to lean left.

  • Input Right: The input button to lean right.

  • Increment: Aligns the lean direction to set increments.

  • Animation Time: The amount of seconds it takes to animate the lean direction.

  • Position Offset: The distance from the center of the character to the offset lean position in either direction.

  • Tilt Angle: The amount in degrees to tilt the camera while leaning.

🧰 Scripting API