Screen Fade

The Screen Fade effect handles fading the screen in and out. This is often used during scene transitions and cutscenes.

🖥️ Settings

Multiple screen fade profiles can be created for different purposes. The following settings are available to customize on each profile:

  • Initial State: The initial screen fade state when the camera is first activated. For example, you could use this start the game fading in from black.

  • Color: The color of the fade.

  • Duration: The amount of seconds it takes to fade.

  • Delay: The amount of seconds to wait before fading.

  • Curve: The animation curve to use while fading.

🖱️ Usage

Assuming you have a reference to the Camera Controller, you can get a reference to the screen fade module then activate it manually:

ScreenFade screenFade = cameraController.GetModule<ScreenFade>();

// fade in
screenFade.Activate(); // default/current profile
screenFade.Activate("Cutscene"); // custom profile

// fade out
screenFade.Deactivate(); // default/current profile
screenFade.Deactivate("Cutscene"); // custom profile

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