Head Bob

The Head Bob module simulates the effect of a person's head moving very slightly when walking or running.

😇 Settings

The following settings are available to customize:

  • Amplitude: The amount the head moves up and down.

  • Period: The speed of the head bob. This is measured in time, so smaller values create a faster head bob.

  • Velocity Factor: The percent of the character's velocity that is factored into the speed of the head bob.

  • Minimum Velocity: The minimum amount of velocity required by the character in order for the head bob to take effect.

  • Ground Layers: The layer(s) to raycast against when checking if the character is grounded. Raycasting is only performed for rigidbodies since character controllers have a built-in isGrounded property.

  • Only Grounded: Only bobs the head while the character is grounded.

🧰 Scripting API