public sealed class ZoomSettings : CameraBehaviorSettings<Zoom>


Settings for a camera zoom behavior.


inputAxisThe input axis to change the camera zoom.
distanceRangeThe minimum and maximum distance of the camera from the pivot point. Set the min and max to the same value for a fixed zoom distance.
initialDistanceThe initial distance of the camera from the pivot point.
smoothingHow quickly the camera zoom changes to the intended distance. Larger numbers make the camera zoom more smoothly.
transitionDurationThe amount of seconds it takes to transition zoom distance when the camera profile is changed. For example, this is used when transitioning from first-person to third-person, or vice versa.
incrementAligns the camera zoom to set increments.


activeWhether the settings are active on a camera profile. Inactive settings will not display in the editor.
enabledTurns on or off the settings behavior. Enabled behaviors are updated every frame.
isActiveAndEnabledWhether the settings are active and enabled.