public sealed class HeadBobSettings : CameraBehaviorSettings<HeadBob>


Settings for a head bob modifier.


amplitudeThe amount the head moves up and down.
periodThe speed of the head bob. This is measured in time, so smaller values create a faster head bob.
velocityFactorThe percent of the character's velocity that is factored into the speed of the head bob.
minimumVelocityThe minimum amount of velocity required by the character in order for the head bob to take effect.
groundLayersThe layer(s) to raycast against when checking if the character is grounded. Raycasting is only performed for rigidbodies since character controllers have a built-in isGrounded property.
onlyGroundedOnly bobs the head while the character is grounded.


activeWhether the settings are active on a camera profile. Inactive settings will not display in the editor.
enabledTurns on or off the settings behavior. Enabled behaviors are updated every frame.
isActiveAndEnabledWhether the settings are active and enabled.