public sealed class FollowSettings : CameraBehaviorSettings<Follow>


Settings for a camera follow behavior.


offsetThe camera offset in the tracking target's local space. Use this to fine-tune the tracking position when the desired position is not the center of the target.
moveTrackingMoves the camera to follow the target.
moveDampingHow quickly the camera follows the tracking target. Small numbers make the camera follow the target more closely.
lookTrackingRotates the camera to look at the tracking target.
lookDampingHow quickly the camera looks toward the tracking target. Small numbers make the camera respond more quickly.
lookDelayThe amount of seconds before the camera starts automatically looking at the tracking target after the player has manually looked away.


activeWhether the settings are active on a camera profile. Inactive settings will not display in the editor.
enabledTurns on or off the settings behavior. Enabled behaviors are updated every frame.
isActiveAndEnabledWhether the settings are active and enabled.