CameraEffect<T, U>

Inherits from CameraModifier<T>
Implements ICameraEffect


public abstract class CameraEffect<T, U> : CameraModifier<T>, ICameraEffect where T : CameraEffectSettings<U>, new()
    where U : CameraEffectProfile


A simulated effect that is applied to the camera.

Type Parameters

TThe settings type to use for the effect.
UThe profile type to use for the effect.


profileThe active settings profile for the effect.
activeWhether the effect is currently active.


ActivateActivates the effect.
DeactivateDeactivates the effect.
SetProfileSets the profile with the given name to be active.
OnEffectActivateA callback invoked when the effect is activated.
OnEffectDeactivateA callback invoked when the effect is deactivated.
OnEffectRestartA callback invoked when the effect is restarted.


settingsThe settings for the behavior.
enabledEnables or disables the behavior from being updated.
controllerThe camera controller handling the module.
registeredWhether the module has been registered to a controller.
idThe unique identifier of the camera module.