public sealed class CameraController : MonoBehaviour


Controls and handles the behaviors of a camera.


cameraThe camera that is being controlled.
cameraPositionThe current position of the camera (Read only).
cameraRotationThe current rotation of the camera (Read only).
cameraEulerAnglesThe current euler angles of the camera (Read only).
cameraForwardThe current forward axis of the camera (Read only).
profileThe instanced camera settings profile used by the controller.
sharedProfileThe shared camera settings profile used by the controller.
trackingTargetThe transform the camera is tracking.
contextThe current camera context / state.
modulesThe camera module manager for the controller.
inputThe camera input manager for the controller.
uiThe UI canvas for the controller.
freezeFreezes the position and rotation of the camera.


SetProfileApplies the camera settings profile to the controller.
SetTrackingTargetSets the camera tracking target.
GetModule<T>Returns the camera module of the specified type.