public sealed class AutoFocusSettings : CameraBehaviorSettings<AutoFocus>


Settings for a depth of field effect.


focusModeThe type of focus mode to use.
raycastLayersThe layers that are hit by the camera's raycast.
postProcessingLayerThe Unity layer the post processing effect is be applied to. It is usually recommended to have a dedicated layer for post processing.
apertureThe ratio of aperture (known as f-stop or f-number). The smaller the value, the shallower the depth of field is.
focalLengthThe distance between the lens and the film. The larger the value, the shallower the depth of field is.
focusTimeThe amount of seconds it takes the camera to change focus distance.
distanceRangeThe minimum and maximum focus distance.


activeWhether the settings are active on a camera profile. Inactive settings will not display in the editor.
enabledTurns on or off the settings behavior. Enabled behaviors are updated every frame.
isActiveAndEnabledWhether the settings are active and enabled.