Tweening.To<T, U>

Static Method in Tweening


public static Tween To<T, U>(Interpolater<U> interpolater, T target, TweenGetter<T, U> getter, TweenSetter<T, U> setter, U endValue, float duration)


Creates a tween that animates a parameter on an object to a given end value over a set duration.

Type Parameters

TThe type of object to tween.
UThe type of parameter to tween.


interpolaterThe function that interpolates values between the start and end value.
targetThe object to tween.
getterThe function that gets the current value of the parameter.
setterThe function that sets a new value of the parameter.
endValueThe end value of the parameter.
durationThe duration of the tween.


TweenA new tween that animates the parameter.