Static Class in Zigurous.Tweening


public static class EaseFunction


Timing functions for every ease type. Easing functions specify the rate of change of a parameter over time.

Static Methods

LinearEvaulates f(x) using a Linear ease.
SineInEvaulates f(x) using a SineIn ease.
SineOutEvaulates f(x) using a SineOut ease.
SineInOutEvaulates f(x) using a SineInOut ease.
CubicInEvaulates f(x) using a CubicIn ease.
CubicOutEvaulates f(x) using a CubicOut ease.
CubicInOutEvaulates f(x) using a CubicInOut ease.
QuadInEvaulates f(x) using a QuadIn ease.
QuadOutEvaulates f(x) using a QuadOut ease.
QuadInOutEvaulates f(x) using a QuadInOut ease.
QuartInEvaulates f(x) using a QuartIn ease.
QuartOutEvaulates f(x) using a QuartOut ease.
QuartInOutEvaulates f(x) using a QuartInOut ease.
QuintInEvaulates f(x) using a QuintIn ease.
QuintOutEvaulates f(x) using a QuintOut ease.
QuintInOutEvaulates f(x) using a QuintInOut ease.
ExpoInEvaulates f(x) using an ExpoIn ease.
ExpoOutEvaulates f(x) using an ExpoOut ease.
ExpoInOutEvaulates f(x) using an ExpoInOut ease.
CircInEvaulates f(x) using a CircIn ease.
CircOutEvaulates f(x) using a CircOut ease.
CircInOutEvaulates f(x) using a CircInOut ease.
BackInEvaulates f(x) using a BackIn ease.
BackOutEvaulates f(x) using a BackOut ease.
BackInOutEvaulates f(x) using a BackInOut ease.
ElasticInEvaulates f(x) using an ElasticIn ease.
ElasticOutEvaulates f(x) using an ElasticOut ease.
ElasticInOutEvaulates f(x) using an ElasticInOut ease.
BounceInEvaulates f(x) using a BounceIn ease.
BounceOutEvaulates f(x) using a BounceOut ease.
BounceInOutEvaulates f(x) using a BounceInOut ease.