public struct FloatRange : INumberRange<float>, IRange<float>


A range of float values.

Static Properties

zeroShorthand for writing FloatRange(0f, 0f).
oneShorthand for writing FloatRange(1f, 1f).
percentShorthand for writing FloatRange(0f, 1f).
positiveShorthand for writing FloatRange(0f, float.MaxValue).
negativeShorthand for writing FloatRange(float.MinValue, 0f).
minMaxShorthand for writing FloatRange(float.MinValue, float.MaxValue).


minThe lower bound of the range.
maxThe upper bound of the range.
DeltaThe difference between the maximum and minimum values (Read only).
MedianThe median value of the range (Read only).


FloatRangeCreates a new range with the specified values.


RandomReturns a random value in the range.
IncludesChecks if a value is in the range.
ClampClamps a value to the range.
LerpLinearly interpolates between the range by t.
InverseLerpCalculates the linear parameter t that produces the interpolant value within the range.