public struct Bool3 : IEquatable<Bool3>


Stores a tuple of 3 booleans.

Static Properties

FalseShorthand for writing Bool3(false, false, false).
TrueShorthand for writing Bool3(true, true, true).
XShorthand for writing Bool3(true, false, false).
YShorthand for writing Bool3(false, true, false).
ZShorthand for writing Bool3(false, false, true).


xThe X component.
yThe Y component.
zThe Z component.
Item[int]Gets or sets the component at the specified index.


Bool3Creates a new Bool3 with the specified values.


EqualsDetermines if the tuple is equal to another.
GetHashCodeReturns the hash code of the tuple.
ToStringConverts the tuple to a string.


EqualityDetermines if two tuples are equal.
InequalityDetermines if two tuples are not equal.
BitwiseAndPerforms a bitwise AND operation on two tuples.
BitwiseOrPerforms a bitwise OR operation on two tuples.
ExclusiveOrPerforms a bitwise XOR operation on two tuples.
LogicalNotPerforms a logical negation operation on a tuple.