Procedural Generation

The Graphics Utils package provides a utility class to generate procedural meshes at runtime. For example, use the MeshGenerator class to create a new procedural mesh that forms a grid of points.

Mesh mesh = MeshGenerator.Create(64, 64);

This is a useful starting point to create more complex meshes, such as procedural terrain. The MeshGenerator class allows you to provide your own custom vertex generation function to create these more complex meshes.

void GenerateTerrain()
    Mesh terrain = MeshGenerator.Create(64, 64, VertexGenerator);

void VertexGenerator(int x, int y, float u, float v)
    // sample terrain height using a noise function
    float height = Mathf.PerlinNoise(x, y);
    return new Vector3(x, height, y);

💎 Triangulation

Sometimes it is useful to split a polygon into triangles in order to generate a custom mesh for the polygon. The Triangulator class provides this utility. Pass in the points that form the polygon, and the indices of the triangles will be returned.

Vector2[] polygon; // array of points that form a polygon
int[] triangles = Triangulator.Triangulate(polygon);