The Debug Tools package provides a static class with more robust logging functions compared to UnityEngine.Debug. The Log class can log messages, warnings, and errors to the console. One primary difference is you can log multiple messages through a single function call.

Log.Message(a, b, c);
Log.Warning(a, b, c);
Log.Error(a, b, c);

You can also provide a custom prefix to display for the message as well as a given context.

Log.Message(foo, "[Zigurous]:");
Log.Warning(foo, "[Zigurous]:");
Log.Error(foo, "[Zigurous]:");

Log.Message(foo, context);
Log.Warning(foo, context);
Log.Error(foo, context);

📚 Customization

You can customize the delimiter used when logging multiple messages, and you can set a global prefix that is displayed before each message in order to separate them from others.

Log.delimiter = ",";
Log.prefix = "[Zigurous]:";

The class also handles null checking to not cause any errors if you log an invalid object. You can even set the string that is displayed when a null reference is logged.

Log.nullReference = "Null";