The Architecture Toolkit includes several utility classes that may be useful under specific situations.


Combines multiple hash codes into a single value.

int hash2 = HashCode.Combine(a, b);
int hash3 = HashCode.Combine(a, b, c);
int hash4 = HashCode.Combine(a, b, c, d);


Generates identifiers.

string guid = Identifier.Guid(); // e.g. "0f8fad5b-d9cb-469f-a165-70867728950e"
string serialNumber = Identifier.SerialNumber(16); // e.g. "4935E22CD7854C15"
long id = Identifier.UnixTime();


Resets scriptable objects back to their original values upon exiting play mode (Editor only). This is useful in situations where the values of a scriptable object are changed at runtime but you want to reset them the next time the game is played.

public class Example : ScriptableObject, IScriptableObjectResettable
    public void ResetValues()


Handles escaping and unescaping paths. This is useful in situations where certain characters are not valid such as for filenames.

PathEscaper.Escape("https://unity.com/"); // https__003A__002F__002Funity__002Ecom__002F
PathEscaper.Unescape("https__003A__002F__002Funity__002Ecom__002F"); // https://unity.com/


Caches yield statements to minimize garbage collection.

private IEnumerator SomeCoroutine()

    yield return Yield.EndOfFrame;
    yield return Yield.FixedUpdate;
    yield return Yield.Wait(1f);
    yield return Yield.WaitRealtime(1f);